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Write the script for your 30% formula life with Jie Liu, MD, MPH

Imagine the life you would be living if you took your dreams seriously!

A life where you lived your dream today!

What if I told you that after I started prioritizing my dreams,

I have a better relationship with my spouse,

I have a greater appreciation for my parents,

I am more present and engaged with my kids.

What if you can clarify your why and map out the how  and the what after a week away in beautiful Portugal?!

Why do you need to leave your current environment to get this kind of clarity?

Because when you’re away from your daily routines, you have time and space to reflect.

Your mind opened to new thought patterns.

Coaching topics

Step 1: Relax and make space 

Step 2: Create enchantment 

Step 3: Free your mind

Step 4: Dream it up

Step 5: Make your dream come true!

Your guides on this journey will be:

Jie Liu, MD, MPH is the founder of the 30% Formula, helping busy professionals prioritize their own wellbeing while growing their careers and businesses. With the motto of “live your dream today,” she has built a community for those who desire work-life balance, life-side-gig balance, and sustainable success. 

Natasha Raja VarleyMD is the founder of SLOmads Natureventures and an enthusiastic supporter of projects that prioritize nature, adventure and curiousity. Natasha will be your hiking guide for this magical retreat.

Gret Batchelar is the founder of Conscious Working, a certified Low Tox Coach, 325 RYT Yoga Instructor in power, Yin and Kula Flow, Meditation Facilitator and Mindfulness Teacher. She will be coaching and leading yoga sessions for this retreat.

Stella Kurtz Evans, MD is a certified life coach and master practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).


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