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Our Unbloggable Life

It’s been over a month since I last posted here. I did write one post, but it was when I was sick and whiny and feeling quite pathetic. If it was something exotic like Dengue or Bali Belly then maybe it would be worth a read, but it was just a miserable kidney infection followed […]

Paradise Found, Part 2

We left off with a visiting Gramma and a new foster pup, who by the way has never had a single accident in the house! Our neighbor tells us that this is an actual Bali dog thing. I’m not sure how that’s possible but we are very happy about it. Unfortunately puppy chewing and biting […]

Paradise Found, part 1

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller Jason’s mom, aka Gramma, is 73 years old, but she has a sense of adventure that keeps her eternally young. It is truly inspiring. She traveled over 30 hours to visit us and we were all so happy to see her… and the Cheerios! […]

Singapore Baby

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday in Singapore. It was my childhood home, but it had been 35 years since I was there last. My family moved to Singapore shortly after my birth for my dad’s new job as a pilot for Singapore Airlines. 12 years later we had to leave because the airline […]

Feeding Our Senses

The sounds. Some quiet evenings we sit in our house and can hear the Muslim Call to Prayer. It brings me back to childhood visits to Pakistan. I love it. We also hear music being played on a Gamelan, a local Indonesian instrument, coming from the huts in the field behind our house. It almost […]

Birthday Week

This may not have been a milestone birthday for Jason, but it was an epic week of celebrations nonetheless. We started the week with a day in Ubud. E was at a playdate so we took M to a drool-worthy lunch, a visit to the Kupu Kupu* gift shop, and afternoon tea. The next day […]

Heaven and Hell

So I truly am an optimist and on social media everyone’s an optimist, right? We just celebrated our first month on the island and this past week started off really, really hard. My optimism gave way to despair. This place is such a dichotomy of emotions. We start most mornings by driving the kids to […]

Beautiful Bali Moments

I have been a bit focused on the tough times as we all learn and adjust, so I thought I would share some sweet moments from our week. My first Wednesday Mama’s Trek. We explored an abandoned, and apparently haunted, amusement park. The graffiti art was spectacular and the natural beauty of the jungle taking […]

Sea Urchins and Baksheesh

Ahh.. two topics we had heard about but hoped to never experience. Well it turns out we were unlucky enough to experience both of them this past weekend 🙁 Saturday started off beautifully. We went to Lilla Pantai, a lovely cafe on the beach. We met a friend and her 3 kids, had a fabulous […]

Un-settling in to Our New Life

Visiting Bali is heavenly, moving here has been a bit of hell with moments of paradise sprinkled in. Our house is amazing. It is clean, it is filled with light and opens up completely so we enjoy the near constant breeze. Unfortunately it doesn’t close up completely so we have cicaks (small lizards) on the […]