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Iceland June 2023

We set off on our quest to uncover the truth behind the age-old question: “Iceland is green and Greenland is ice, right?”. Very quickly we discovered that Iceland is not only a vibrant green paradise but also a frosty wonderland of ice, even in summer! Amidst the chill, we discovered magnificent glaciers, covering around 11% […]

Singapore Baby

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday in Singapore. It was my childhood home, but it had been 35 years since I was there last. My family moved to Singapore shortly after my birth for my dad’s new job as a pilot for Singapore Airlines. 12 years later we had to leave because the airline […]

Endless Travel… Comes to an End

Who are we kidding? It’s really just a travel pause. Our summer ended with a 12 hour journey from NY to San Francisco, arriving late on a Saturday night. We spent the next day doing laundry and repacking at our friend’s house in Menlo Park. The Coxes were away at a softball tournament, but they […]

The WHY and the HOW

Why? So the questions keep coming and we figure we should start in the beginning. On our first date in 2005 (at the Steaming Bean in Shell Beach, CA), we talked about our regrets in life  (it was a long first date). We both only had one. We had both wanted to live overseas for […]