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Who are we kidding? It’s really just a travel pause. Our summer ended with a 12 hour journey from NY to San Francisco, arriving late on a Saturday night. We spent the next day doing laundry and repacking at our friend’s house in Menlo Park. The Coxes were away at a softball tournament, but they left us their house key, a car to use, and yummy snacks! We could not have survived the transition without their generosity. They returned that evening and we were able to enjoy a quick dinner with them before we loaded up BOTH of their cars to take us, our 8 suitcases, 16 backpacks, and guitar case to the airport.

Pre-flight Sillies in Menlo Park

Thankfully we were early because they weighed our carryons! Apparently there is a 7 kg limit that they intermittently enforce. We found ourselves in the middle of a very busy terminal repacking everything once again. All of our careful organizing was for naught. We had no idea where anything was by the time we boarded, but we got it all onboard. Yay! Our flight actually left at 130AM Monday and after a brief nap and 12 1/2 hr flight we arrived in Taipei for a 5 hour layover. We hit up our favorite airport lounge for free food and COFFEE (thank you Chase Sapphire). We then had another 5 hour flight to Bali, where we arrived in a zombie state. Miraculously ALL of our luggage made it. It was hot and crowded and we had 3 carts plus a roller bag as we pushed through the masses to get through customs. It took 2 hours (as opposed to 30 minutes last March when we had no checked bags). Our drivers, yes there were 2, were thankfully still waiting for us and we made it to our AirBnB before dark. It may have been better if we had arrived after dark as we might not have noticed the dirty toilets and poop on the bath towel. Actually we didn’t notice the poop until Mira emerged from the shower wrapped in it 🙁  The house was in a great location though and thanks to our jet lag we were able to enjoy early sunrises on the beach. 

The Long Awaited Arrival, Denpasar Airport
First Sunrise, Sanur, Bali
Happy to be here!

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  1. Loved reading the detailed “adventure” and challenge of getting there! You certainly had the obstacles to overcome.
    Like the contrast of b&w photo in airport with sunrise at the beach.